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Grace and Grit Wins 2nd National Award

Our client, Fritzi Gros-Daillon, has published a book this past June and it has already won its second national award.  We are so incredibly thrilled for her, as this is her first book and is already making noise!

Grace and Grit book

Her book, Grace and Grit: Insights to Real-Life Challenges of Aging for Adult Children and their Parents, is full of short stories delving into the reality of getting older and having to change your or your loved ones living situation.  It’s incredibly touching, so be sure to bring a box of tissues with you.  And then go write a review on Amazon!  (Hint:  If you have a book on Amazon, you need 26 reviews to be featured!)

guest on KPBS News

Ms. Gros-Daillon was just a featured guest on KPBS where she spoke about the challenges of caregiving, along with Laurie Edwards-Tate of Southen Caregiver Resource Center.  It was an awesome opportunity that lead to a huge boost in sales of the book and website hits.  We couldn’t be more grateful!

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San Diego Welcomes Deschutes Brewery to Craft Beer Community

Deschutes Brewery

San Diego is a very innovative and dynamic market when it comes to craft beer. With more than 85 active breweries delivering countless styles of liquid gold, we have crowned ourselves the capital of Craft Beer. But with so many breweries active in San Diego and along the west coast, many fall in between the cracks. Deschutes Brewery prides itself on celebrating the culture of craft beer, and supporting the local mom and pop shops. But another thing we pride ourselves on is consistency and quality of our product. We are not a new brewery, we are not the biggest brewery, and nor do we want to be. We strive to deliver the finest product in the world, and brewing in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, where the majority of all hops are grown, allows us to bring the best and freshest beers to the table.

Fresh Squeezed IPA

So why is this so important to San Diego? San Diego is a city of transplants, many of which come from the Pacific Northwest. I guess they miss the sun! In bringing Deschutes Brewery to San Diego we accomplish several things. First of which is a taste of home! San Diego is great when it comes to your craft selection. You can find any style of beer your want at your local craft bar or bottle shop. However nothing is better than a taste of home, especially without actually having to go back! Secondly, Deschutes Brewery offers styles that are not necessarily the common trend amongst most California breweries. We find in California that there is more of a hop-forward approach, while in the North West we have a more balanced approach to our brews. Although we approach our brews with a more balanced approach, Deschutes Brewery does brew excellent hop forward selections such as Fresh Squeezed IPA, Pinedrops IPA, Hop Henge D-IPA, Chasin’ Freshies Fresh Hop IPA, and Hop Trip Fresh Hop Pale Ale which are perfect for the hop loving Californian.

Why is having a different style approach so important? It’s rather simple actually. Not every customer coming through your front door is going to be the same. You may have your hop loving double IPA regular walking through the door, and right behind him maybe a young craft fan who likes porters or can’t drink overly bitter beers. Having a diversity of options on a menu that includes beers from another state, or uses a different approach, allows that retailer to maximize his sales through encompassing the broadest sales market possible.

The San Diego craft culture is not restricted to the lives within the local breweries, but through its bars and bottle shops, and diehard fans! Local to us is where we drink not always where our beer comes from.